This site is a privately run site that aims to convey the appeal of bishojo figures through photographs. We strive to provide you with more, higher quality, and prettier photos than you would find on a regular shopping site.
The quality of the beautiful girl figures has improved year after year, and I am amazed every year by the quality of the workmanship.

However, it is not uncommon for the price to exceed 20,000 yen, and the opportunity to buy them has been decreasing because of the small size of the home and the lack of a place to display them.
I wanted to post lots of photos of the figures that I was able to acquire, so that people could see the figures that I had acquired at any time on the blog, and for those who read the blog, I wanted them to look at the figures, enjoy them, and hopefully find one that they liked and get their hands on.
We hope that this will help you find your favorite gems.

This site is for adults only

Adult figures for adults and advertisements on the site are for adults only, so those under the age of 18 cannot use this site.

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