Introduction of equipment used (Camera)

I can only buy figures once a month (because of my salary)
When I’ve run out of new subjects, I hope to take a break and introduce some equipment and figures.

This time I would like to introduce the camera I am using.

I am currently using a camera called “PENTAX K-S2”.
It was released on March 06, 2015, so it’s a little old model, but I think it’s still usable depending on your arm.
I originally bought it to take pictures when I was out on my bike, so the dustproof and splashproof specs were appealing.

I use three lenses.
SIGMA: DC 30mm F1.4 HSM
PENTAX: smc PENTAX-DA L 18-50mm F4-5.6 DC WR RE
PENTAX: smc PENTAX-DA L 50-200mm F4-5.6 ED WR

I use the smc PENTAX-DA L 18-50mm as my main camera, and I often use the DC 30mm F1.4 HSM for free shots.
The smc PENTAX-DA L 50-200mm F4-5.6 ED WR doesn’t get much use because the room is too small.
I don’t have a macro lens yet, so I’m considering selling my unwanted items and buying one.

I also bought a ring flash and a strobe.
I’m still experimenting with this one, so I’m still trying to get a better picture.

This is a brief introduction, but that’s all about the equipment.
I will continue to try various things in order to take better photos, so I would be happy to see you again.

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