native Touko In The Lavatory

I took a photo of “Toilet’s Touko-san”, which is on sale from native.
Since the clothing is made of cloth, the appeal of these figures is that they can be dressed and undressed at will.

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Outer box and packaging. The box was wrapped in thin paper and carefully packaged.
It was tightly packaged in cardboard.
The figure itself has been carefully packed. The clothes were packaged as if they had been sandwiched between plastic sheets as they were made of cloth.

Being that it is cloth clothing, you will need to disassemble the figure and season it to put it on. Both the main body and the toilet are beautifully shaped.

The clothes are made of cloth, so you can wear them as you like. Of course, full nudity is also possible, but it seems to be made on the premise of being clothed, since the joints of each part are conspicuous.

Small items. The construction of the toilets has not been neglected either.
The clothing is made of cloth and can be put on and off with Velcro.

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general comment

The figure’s clothing is made of cloth, and you can choose how you want to wear it.
As a result, the figure can be dressed and undressed at will, and the way she is dressed and undressed can be customized, a feature not found in other figures.
However, the downside of this is that the joints of each part are conspicuous when naked, so it seemed to be made on the premise of wearing clothes.
As a caveat, considerable force is required when removing the right leg parts, and if you don’t pay attention to the latest, you may end up tearing off the pants you put on.
I had an accident during the photo shoot…
This figure is perfect for those who have a fetishistic taste for wearing clothes rather than being completely naked.

Personally, I was most intrigued by the combination of nude socks…

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