Queen’s Gate Moetan

I photographed a special character of Queen’s Gate, Moetan. We will tell you the charms of the gentleman and ladies, such as cute faces and cute breasts, with lots of photos.

Whole body

I wore a bikini armor that seems to have no defense.
The shabby cloak is very cool as opposed to the cute figure

Cast off

Whole body

In the cast off state, the infant system is emphasized more and it is very cute. There was no painting of the nipple, but it was slightly shaped.


Costumes and accessories. The pedestal was discolored, probably because it was decorated for a long time. The brassiere is made of a very soft material and will not be bent.

Free Shot

General Comment

It is a cute figure that the cute illustration drawn by POP has been three-dimensionalized as it is. I am sorry that there is no painting of the chest, but I think that it becomes an attractive figure even if it is subtracted.
Ladies and gentlemen who like little girls should definitely keep them handy.

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